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The Salumeria

Austin, Texas

Anthony and Gerardo use family recipes and heritage techniques to craft the finest cured meats using only pork raised with care on 200 acre Salumeria farm.

K&C Cattle Company

Austin, Texas

Cole and Kelsey Bolton are 3rd generation Texas ranchers raising grass fed, grain finished verified Black and Red Angus beef like few do.

Talisman Coffee Co + Farm

Austin, Texas + Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Talisman Coffee is a small family-owned business whose passion and love is above all, family, but closely followed by coffee. We grow, roast and deliver you the very best coffee.

Southern Small Farms

Southern US Growing Region

Small to medium-sized farms, ranches, fisheries, and food producers committed to regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, sustainable production, and equitable labor practices in the Southern Region.

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Little Seven Seven Ranch

Lyle, Washington

The Little Seven Seven Ranch is an excellent setting to raise Highland Cattle naturally. A variety of grasses, brush, shrubs and other forage create a “bio diverse” diet that contributes to the distinctive flavor and tenderness of the beef. This environment is ideal for producing a flavorful beef.  High protein and iron and a higher concentration of long chain Omega 3 type fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats make this a healthy product for the consumer.

Coro Foods

Seattle, Washington

Coro is the Italian word for chorus. It speaks to the wonderful chorus of craveable flavors in everything we make at Coro, but also the chorus of people and harmony of craft it takes to create such delight in each bite. For over 20 years we’ve been exploring the world of salumi by using the finest ingredients to create unique and inventive flavors. This is what sets us apart from the rest. But to bring those flavors to life calls for a combination of art, attention, skill, and patience.

Lummi Island Wild

Bellingham, Washington

The Northwest has long been a place of plenty that provides its inhabitants with a buffet of abundant foraged and farmed foods including berries, mushrooms, nuts, herbs, vegetables, and salmon. The mission statement of Lummi Island Wild reflects its intention to preserve one important element of that bountiful heritage: “To promote the respectful and responsible harvesting of wild salmon and to protect the environment for future generations of fish and people.”

Collins Family Orchards

Selah, Washington

The Collins Family Orchards was founded in 1905 & is an absolute gem! 35 acres of beautiful, highly curated orchard fruits with an emphasis, and pride, in their selection of outstanding stone fruits suited to excel in the uniquely beautiful climate just North of the Yakima Valley.

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Pacific Northwest Small Farms

Pacific Northwest Growing Region

Small to medium-sized farms, ranches, fisheries, and food producers committed to regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, sustainable production, and equitable labor practices in the Pacific Northwest Region.

The Tiny Fish Co.

Portland, Oregon

Chef Sara Hauman uses Pacific Northwest harvested seafood, some truly unique recipes, and creative combinations to present an elevated tinned seafood experience.

Kenai Red Fish Company

Portland, Oregon

Kenai-Red Fish Company is a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) that proudly delivers high-quality, wild-caught, and sustainably harvested Alaskan seafood to consumers in select markets in the U.S.

Smallhold Mushrooms Farm


Smallhold is on a mission to dramatically shorten the distance between you and fresh, gourmet mushrooms. We grow mushrooms everywhere—literally. By using a combination of technologies and logistical innovations, we have networked our farms across the USA.

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ATX Homemade Jerky Co.

Austin, Texas

ATX Homemade Jerky is a staple on the Austin area farmers market scene. Their beef jerky is made from high quality beef using time-tested homemade recipes. In addition to jerky, they offer local honey in a variety of sizes, both raw and infused. (They even offer raw honey by the gallon!) Also, check out their pickles and, when seasonally available, pickled okra!

Emadi Acres Farm

Lockhart, Texas

High tunnels, regenerative farming, organic practices, nourishing the soil to get the most nutrients from the food; “We eat a lot of food that’s depleted. I do my best to help the soil thrive, I till very minimally, it’s primarily a one-person farm. I started doing this for my children, to provide my kids with the best food possible, and the community with the best food possible.”

El Milagro

Austin, Texas

El Milagro is a family-owned company that started in 1950 in Chicago, Illinois. El Milagro proudly manufactures the highest-quality tortilla products.

"Quality" is a word that is not used lightly at El Milagro. From the beginning, we have always made the best tortillas that we know how. Our corn tortillas start with whole-kernel corn that is carefully selected and ground in our plant - we never use pre-processed corn flour.

Braune Family Farms

Seguin, Texas

Jeffrey and Julie Braune’s farm is located on 50 acres of rich, high-mineral soil in Geronimo, Texas. Over time, this grew into a conventional row crop farm, and then a sustainable vegetable farm. In total, they farm about 30 acres of land using cover crops and newer farming techniques to work more efficiently, improve soil health, and grow as naturally as possible.

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Green Thumb Farming

Austin, Texas

Green Thumb Farming started in Jane Taylor's backyard as a hobby in 2015. Originally from Kenya, she grew up farming with her family, a business they've coveted for years. Taylor expanded her farming practices to 20’ x 20’ plots in the Pflugerville where she grows fruits and vegetables. She also runs Taylor's Farm in Lexington, TX.

Shirtail Creek Farm

Brenham, Texas

A regenerative farm, uses a no-till drill for planting, occasionally lightly discs a field, plants legumes and grasses, adheres to the Haney soil test (gives more info than standard soil tests, which tests water infiltration and soil structure; managed intensive grazing, hot fence, paddocks, rotating cattle at high stock density -- an abundance of grass rotating every week, every single day during the high season.

Fruitful Hill Farm

Bastrop, Texas

Fruitful Hill Farm aka Ringger Family Farm was founded in Bastrop County, Texas by the Ringger family in 2002 as a chance to raise goats and longhorn cattle on a family farm. Dale Ringger wanted to raise his children in the country, giving them an opportunity to learn the responsibilities and care required for their animals.

Lightsey Farms

Mexia, Texas

Lightsey Farms is a local grower of fresh fruit and vegetables in the Central Texas, located in Mexia, Texas. We pride ourselves on freshness and taste of our fruits and vegetables. We also travel to a number of markets!

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Pure Pastures

Canyon Lake, Texas

Regenerative farming, cover cropping, promoting soil health by getting as much water into the ground as possible; trying to preserve and restore pasture grasses that used to be abundant in the Texas hill country. Even though Pure Pastures is a livestock ranch, they keep it real with this outlook: ”We’re grass farmers, meat is just a bi-product of that. We use animals to grow grass.” 

Fagan Family Farm

Kyle, Texas

Fagan Family Farms is a USDA Certified Organic Farm in Kyle, Texas using a high tunnel farming system to grow crops year-round. To put it simply, the high tunnel is an isolated growing environment wherein sunshine warms and enriches the soil resulting in “solar gain.” This allows farmers to start growing plants earlier and even extend growing seasons into the fall and winter.

Animal Farm

Cat Spring, Texas

Animal Farm promotes Permaculture, the art of working with nature through regenerative or rewilding efforts. They established thePermaculture Guild of Houston in 1996. Daily farm practices uphold these principles: 1)Take care of people. 2) Take care of the earth, and all that it contains. 3) Ensure that we protect our resources for future generations.

Middle Ground Farm

Bastrop, Texas

We strive to farm as unobtrusively as possible by using crop rotations, cover crops and organic pesticides and fungicides. We work hard to maintain natural habitat for native pollinators and all the native creatures to the land. Since we have sandy soil and sit close to the Colorado river we pay attention to timing when working soil, applying products or planting crops.”

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Parker Creek Ranch

D’Hanis, Texas

“Family owned and operated since 1846, Parker Creek Ranch is a working ranch located 50 miles West of San Antonio. We are committed to regenerative agriculture production and creating healthy habitats for livestock, wildlife and people. As stewards of the land our goal is to produce nutritious products for our community while designing and managing systems that will benefit the environment and future generations.”

Behind The Oaks Farm

San Antonio, Texas

Behind the Oaks Farm, is a multi-generational, family-owned farm that sits just outside of San Antonio, TX. The Greaves family has maintained Behind the Oaks since the '70s, and have made extensive efforts to change the way farming is done. If you find yourself in the small town of Schertz, you may run into Samantha Platt (a third generation Greaves) and her husband, Zachary, along with their 4 children, who will help show you how much they care about their animals.

SteelBow Organic Farm

Manor, Texas

“We grow with community in mind. We believe that great food is an integral part of enduring relationships. Currently, we cultivate five acres, intensively, organically, and sustainably. Our farming practices are intentional and deliberate. We do not use chemical pesticides or herbicides. We farm with the health of the soil in mind, adding organic matter via cover crops and compost. Our hands are our most cherished tools. We have simple goals; feed good people good food and care for the land so it will be happy and healthy for generations to come.”

Richardson Farm

Rockdale, Texas

Richardson Farms is a family-run farm located in Rockdale, Texas. Owned by Jim and Kay Richardson, this sustainably-minded operation raises grass-fed beef, pastured pork, free-range chicken, turkey, and even ducks! Plus they also run a raw milk dairy and sell their farm-fresh eggs to the folks of central Texas.

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Boldly Grown Farms

Skagit Valley, Washington

Boldly Grown Farm is a family-owned, certified organic mixed vegetable farm in Skagit Valley, Washington. Our primary focus is on growing high-quality fall and winter storage vegetables for wholesale markets. We are a 10-12 acre, high-production farm with a strong focus on efficiency and mechanization.Boldly Grown Farm is owned and operated by Amy Frye and Jacob Slosberg. Amy grew up running around on her grandparents' farm in Minnesota. Jacob is a Seattle native who grew up enjoying the outdoors. We spent a decade in Vancouver, BC, where we met at the Centre for Sustainable Foods at the University of British Columbia's organic farm.

Osprey Hill Farm

Acme, Washington

Geoff and Anna Martin met over two decades ago and felt the pangs to start a farm together. Back then, they toured the west coast in their VW van, growing more and more inspired to start one that could be part of a healthy ecosystem, with a focus on soil vitality, balanced wildlife habitats, and respectful land and livestock management. Osprey Hill Farm is the culmination of those aspirations. Geoff and Anna’s family has grown to include three kids over the years, all living together on a small organic farm with a big mission of sustainability.

Four Elements Farm

Pullyup, Washington

The family and the team at Four Elements Farm is doing beautiful work, no matter which way you cut it up. As farmers and stewards, but also as community leaders, and as people who see the benefit of education being at the core of sustainable growth. We are so happy that we get to work with their family and equally happy that the food that they put so much love into growing gets to make it out to you! Maybe you might get a chance to make it out to them, too!

Gary's Meadow Fresh

Mulino, Oregon

Owned and operated by third-generation dairy farmer, Garry J. Hansen, Lady Lane Farm is the personification of a small, traditional, and sustainable dairy that prides itself on its environmentally friendly initiatives. These qualities are exemplified in the use of reusable glass bottles, holding the highest regard for the welfare of their cows, and only raising Jerseys which have less of an impact on the environment. Surrounded by the scenic Milk Creek Basin, Lady Lane Farm which features Garry’s Meadow Fresh milk keeps their cows out on pasture as much as possible.

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Crows Farm

Skagit Valley, Washington

Among the many farms operating out of the Viva Farms Business Incubator Program is The Crows Farm, founded by Giana and Matthew Cioni in 2015. These two lovely souls traded the cold northeast winters of Burlington, Vermont for the lush, wet weather of Skagit Valley to pursue their dream of growing organic herbs, vegetables, and flowers. It’s a beautifully realized mission and a testament to the hard work and spirit of the emerging generation of farmers in our region.

Champoeg Farm

St. Paul, Oregon

Our history is deeply rooted in the Champoeg (sham-poo-ee) area. Our family settled here on the French Prairie in 1856 and once owned the ground that is now the site of Champoeg State Park. Along with operating a sawmill on Champoeg Creek and a bowling alley in the now extinct town-site, our great grandfather grazed turkeys in the oak grove for the holiday market, back when forest and pasture raising was the norm. Our family continues to farm adjacent to the park and in the surrounding Champoeg area.

Cascade Organics

Tigard, Oregon

Working to bring people back to “common sense” foods, Cascade Organic is a cooperative effort of farmers, fishers and foragers. Originating in 2009 with weekend family foraging outings in the great Pacific Northwest, they bring unique foods to culinary artists specializing in mushrooms, greens, and seafood. They form lasting relationships with local Native American tribes to promote native fish products and support employment opportunities and education for native peoples. From this humble beginning their passion for food grew and they acquired an urban farm to focus on unique produce sourced around the world.

Trent Family Farm

Cloverdale, Oregon

If you visit Mike Trent’s website, you’ll see that his main helpers are his dogs, Rosie, Nicky and Squeak, as well as a goat named Edgar (dubbed, the farm manager). Mike grew up on his farm and has cared for many different kinds of animals throughout his life, from chickens to cows to sheep. We don’t take this for granted and consider ourselves truly lucky to have a relationship with someone who has been such a big part of family-centric agriculture in Oregon for so many years.Located in Cloverdale, Oregon, Trent Family Farms has been one of our go-to egg producers and it’s easy to see why.

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Flying Coyote Farm

Sandy, Oregon

Flying Coyote’s organic farm in the shadow of Mt. Hood centers on everything being interconnected. This holistic approach means that the farm is treated as a “whole organism.” In other words, the open fields provide grass for the goats; the goats provide milk for the pigs; the pigs provide compost for the fields; everything is connected. Owner/manager Lili Tova founded her Certified Organic and Biodynamic farm almost 10 years ago. Her mission to embrace the harmony of the land and all the living things on it has resulted in a bounty of flavorful, high-quality produce.

Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels

Portland, Oregon

Using time tested baking methods and the finest ingredients, including Shepherd's Grain flour, our bagels are proofed a minimum of 18 hours, then boiled and baked on stones to create a bagel packed with flavor and great texture. Woman owned, naturally vegan, and proud employer of 30+ Portlanders, in business since 2009.

TMK Creamery

Canby, Oregon

Their love for dairy cows has been historically rooted in their family since the time their ancestors came to the United States and established several dairy farms in the Northwest. TMK Farm began a registered dairy program around 1987 when Todd Koch bought his first Holstein heifer. By 1997, their milking cow herd grew to the point of establishing their own dairy facility and, through a tremendous family effort, they built a dairy in Canby, Oregon.

Nancy's Probiotic Foods

Eugene, Oregon

Nancy's is located in a serene slice of the Willamette Valley, just outside Eugene, Oregon, where nearly 60 dedicated folks make more than 100 products. Nancy's yogurt is created with fresh ingredients and quality in mind; they pasteurize their fresh milk first—ensuring the live cultures are alive and ready to do their job. They then carefully nurture the beneficial bacteria, creating the perfect environment for them to grow, thrive, and multiply to the optimal levels for your good health.

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Revel Meat Co

Portland, Oregon

Revel Meat Co. provides service for small and midsize ranchers in the Pacific Northwest. Its mission is to assist ranchers to gain market access in Portland, Seattle, and the surrounding areas. Revel as a brand wholesales and retails meat from a small handful of trusted ranchers to ensure these ranchers are gaining a fair price for the animals they raise.

Kiyokawa Family Orchards

Parkdale, Oregon

Kiyokawa Orchards has roots spanning over 100 years in Oregon’s Hood River Valley. Its incredible heritage is truly part of the cultural fabric of the Pacific Northwest and a great reminder of that age-old saying: “farming’s in my blood.” Randy Kiyokawa is a third-generation orchardist growing over 100 varieties of apples, pears, cherries — even pluerries — in Parkdale, Oregon, nestled in the heart of the fertile Hood River Valley.

Lulubelle's Creamery

Tualatin, Oregon

Lulubelle’s organic milk is produced by 1,500 cows roaming on 2,000 acres of organic pasture. These Holsteins and Jerseys are treated as humanely as possible — pampered even — with ample space in well-tended barns and the ability to be milked at their own discretion via semi- and fully robotic milking systems. 

Gathering Together Farm

Philomath, Oregon

Gathering Together is a Certified Organic farm founded over 30 years ago by husband and wife, John Eveland and Sally Brewer. Originally located on 20 acres, their farm has grown to approximately 50 acres today, with several small parcels of farmland hugging the Mary River, in Philomath, Oregon. Through it all, their namesake mission has been the same: to bring people together over good food.

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Mossy Gate Flower Farm

Seattle, Washington

A little garden that began as a reprieve to a difficult life transition has grown into a passion and an obsession. To create a self sustaining business that not only fulfills the soul but also provides a sustainable lifestyle for their family. Little bit by little bit Mossy Gate Flower Farm learns more, grows more, and brings more beauty to the Pacific Northwest.

Lone Star Lettuce Growers

Georgetown, Texas

Lone Star Lettuce Growers is a commercial aquaponics farm located just north of Georgetown, Texas. Through the use of sustainable aquaponics technology, Lone Star Lettuce Growers provide Texans with organic, local, fresh, and delicious leafy greens and fish.

Jacobsen Sea Salt Co

Portland, Oregon

Although founded in 2011, the roots of Jacobsen Salt Co. stretch back to the 1800s, when they were the first in the region to harvest salt. Over time, their reputation has grown and they are now regarded as one of the esteemed salt makers in the country, with a mission to: “provide the finest elemental cooking ingredients and kitchen staples that inspire people to cook, eat, and live well.”

Hidden River Farms

Montesano, Washington

Hidden River Farms, LLC is owned and run by young farmers Evan Mulvaney and Lucia Wyss, who co parent a couple hundred hogs and a small herd of cattle. While growing excellent food, stewarding the land, and providing a living wage to their employees, they also want to inspire other young people to join them in agriculture. 

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Andersen Organics

Othello, Washington

Andersen Organics’ healthier, better-tasting produce starts with the soil they grow on. Months before planting, they apply composted manure to begin the enrichment process. Additionally, they use drip irrigation systems to deliver nutrients directly to the plants’ roots without the risk of runoff or evaporation. Embracing these methods involves retrieving and recycling their own water, which can be an intensive process, but one they feel is worth it when, as Brian puts it, “your farming partner is Mother Nature.”

Hedlin Farms

LaConner, Washington

Rasmus Koudal arrived in the region from Denmark in 1906, declaring it to be similar to his homeland. Today, his great-grandchildren, Dave Hedlin and Serena Campbell farm the property. Since 1974, they’ve learned to embrace the mild winters and warm, dry summers to get the most out of the land. The acreage has grown over time, but still produces some of those original crops from a century ago: beets, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, and peas.

AnchorHead Coffee

Seattle, Washington

Brewed and bottled by hand on the outskirts of the coffee capital of the world, Anchorhead Cold Brew brings you a premium coffee concentrate that will redefine the way you drink coffee. Using the finest all natural Arabica coffee beans, our coffee is steeped at a controlled temperature for 16 hours, then double filtered and bottled in glass. By never introducing heat into the brew process we are able to keep more of the beans natural flavor with a much lower acidity resulting in a much smoother, less bitter coffee experience.

Pablo Munoz Farms

Dayton, Oregon

Pablo Munoz moved to Dayton, Oregon in the early 90s to work with cattle farmer, Ron Finnicum. This opportunity introduced Pablo to the fertile region that would eventually become home to his own farm, where he now grows some of the best seasonal produce available. About 90% of products are labeled organic, bio-degradable mulch row covers and hoop houses are used in the fields to keep weeds down and decrease the need for spray; for irrigation, drip tape keeps the soil well-nourished; soils are regularly tested to ensure they’re not wasting and/or losing water to get the most out of what they’re using.

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Radicle Roots Farm

Snohomish, Washington

Radicle Roots Farm is located in beautiful Snohomish, Washington. Nestled between the Pilchuck River and the Centennial trail, we are only 1.5 miles from downtown Snohomish. We hope this close proximity will help the community connect with their food and know their farmer. After three years leasing farmland in Central Oregon, we are so grateful to be farming on a permanent property where we have the privilege to be long-term stewards of this precious farm land. 

Tabor Bread

Portland, Oregon

Tissa Stein opened Tabor Bread in 2012, embracing an old-world charm that resonates in everything from its solid hickory floors to its wood-burning hearth (a comfort during the cold and rainy Northwest winters). Staying true to its rustic character, the bakery is equipped with its very own in-house mill, a feature that’s gained both local and national acclaim. By controlling the way their flour is made, Tabor Bread’s bakers are able to better define their textures, their flavors, and even adjust their recipes to serve a more diverse range of dietary needs (all of their traditional loaves are vegan unless advertised otherwise).

Tre-Fin Fishery

Ilwaco, Washington

Tre-Fin has become one of the most trusted suppliers of day boat-caught fresh fish since launching their Ilwaco, Washington fishing operation. As Mike Domeyer describes above, they’re committed to bringing their line-caught seafood from Oregon and Washington coastal waters back to port within 24 hours (the only commercial fishery who can claim this commitment). This dedication to freshness is what separates Tre-Fin from the rest. Ultimately, it’s part of a mission to fight for our region’s sustainability efforts to ensure the industry—and the livelihoods of its fishermen—can be stronger for years to come.

Schott Family Farm

Woodburn, Oregon

This small blueberry kingdom was founded in 1986 by Elaine and Rolen Schott, who ran the farm while raising their four kids alongside fields of fresh blueberries. The couple’s less-than-an-acre patch of land included vintage blueberry bushes that have been (and still are) going strong since they first blossomed over 60 years ago. When Elaine and Rolen considered doing away with the berries altogether after a particularly rough price and demand cycle, their daughter Emily and her husband, Josh stepped in to preserve the tradition by offering handpicked berries to the farm-fresh fans of the Pacific Northwest.

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TUNaWERTH Creamery

Tenino, Washington

TUNaWERTH Creamery might just be the freshest milk producer in the state. Their grass-fed Jersey, Guernsey, and Holstein cows are milked twice a day, and the milk goes through a low pasteurization process which eliminates bacteria while letting the milk retain its enzymes and natural flavor. Founders Anita and Peter draw on their Netherlands roots to produce their milk products (Whole Milk, Butter, Yogurt, Cream) and traditional cheeses (Cheese Curds, Gouda, Komijne, Kruidnagel).

Steven Smith Teamaker

Portland, Oregon

They say the “what ifs” in life can keep you up at night. For Steven Smith, though, those “what ifs” have a different connotation entirely — one defined by insatiable curiosity and a drive to do things differently. And in 2009, “what if” was the question that motivated the recently retired Teamaker to get back to work. He began cultivating deep-rooted friendships with the tea world's finest suppliers, ultimately setting up Steven Smith Teamaker headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Chicken Scratch Farm

Eagle Creek, Oregon

It started in 2014 or 2015 when George and his late wife moved out to the farm. She was working with clay and George started buying chickens. When they started producing more and more eggs, he soon realized that if he had a license, it would allow him to sell wholesale. As soon as he and his wife got the paperwork together (he credits her with steering him in the right direction), he started selling eggs, even going door-to-door in those early days.


Dripping Springs, Texas

Jordan Fronk realized she accidentally started a business when her friends and family quickly became obsessed with her homemade batches of hand-strained nut milks. Fortunately for us, this led to the founding of her own operation, Fronks, which produces organic milk alternatives that are always fresh, vegan, and made with the same love Jordan serves up in her own home.

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Mad Hatcher Poultry

Ephrata, Washington

Bernie’s Mad Hatcher nickname (and business name) stems all the way back to grade school when he was hatching eggs and raising chicks right in his own bedroom at the age of 13! This eventually turned into much more than just a childhood hobby as he now produces some of the best eggs in Washington state.

Ota Tofu

Portland, Oregon

Located in SE Portland is one of the best kept secrets for unmatched tofu and soy milk production. Everything is made fresh to order by loving hands since 1911.

Red Truck Farm

Ridgefield, Washington

Red Truck Farm is a small scale, certified organic mixed vegetable farm located in Ridgefield, Washington. Always hoping to find a new favorite, each season brings a combination of old standards and new experiments. In recent seasons we have been honing our craft of producing high quality salad greens, heirloom tomatoes, pea shoots, herbs and root crops.

Baird Family Orchards

Dayton, Oregon

Baird Family Orchards is a third generation farm based in Dayton, Oregon. While they grow Hazelnuts and Apples on their family farm, they are probably more famous for their stonefruit, grown on their Orchards in Maryhill, Washington. From Cherries to Apricots, Peaches to Plums, they feature exceptional and hard to find varieties of stonefruit perfect for the unique climate in the PNW.

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Sno-Valley Mushrooms

Duvall, Washington

Sno-Valley Mushrooms’ Will Lockmiller has been a mushroom grower since his high school days. His love for fungi led him to open his business in 2011 and he hasn’t looked back since. Operating on a quarter acre of land, he’s perfected his mushroom operation using organic methods to provide King County with the most delicious fungi available.

Vibrant Valley Farm

Portland, Oregon

They are a group of dedicated farmers and passionate educators committed to exploring innovative solutions to enliven the current food system, both locally and globally. They work to honor ancient traditions in growing food and connecting to the land as well as to helping to create healthier communities.

Sea Wolf Bakers

Seattle, Washington

Since its launch in 2014, this Wallingford bakery’s doughy treats have gained fans throughout Seattle. All Sea Wolf bread is made from regionally sourced grains. Their all-purpose white flour is from Shepherd's Grain, who source from farmers throughout the Pacific Northwest; their rye flour, rye berries, and whole wheat flour come from Cairnspring Mills, in Burlington, WA; and their barley flour is from is from Fairhaven Mills, in Burlington, WA.

Hopewell Farm

Whatcom County, Washington

This Everson farm sits just minutes away from the Canadian border. Its fields and pastures are a short hop away from the ocean, Mt. Baker, and we assume Canadian mounties trotting in the distance. But what really makes it such an idyllic place is the lushness of the earth, the seasonal crops, and the certified organic dairy cows on the property.

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Austin, Texas

Rambler is a one-of-a-kind Texas limestone filtered sparkling water made in Austin, Texas. Sustainably sourced, Rambler is purified, remineralized and then carbonated to the perfect level, resulting in a crisp, great-tasting, sodium-free sparkling water. Rambler was inspired by the crystal-clear limestone-filtered swimming holes that defined the creators childhoods. They’re committed to conserving these natural areas for future generations, which is why they’re proudly partnered with Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation and American Rivers.

Wholesome Meats

Austin, Texas

By utilizing regenerative agriculture, Wholesome Meats is able to offer the most delicious and nutritious premium ground beef, while helping heal the planet. Regenerative techniques protect the soil from overgrazing and rebuild rich topsoil that captures harmful carbon from the atmosphere. This leads to a product that is as good for the land as it is for the rancher, for the cattle, and for the consumer. Win-win-win.

Easy Tiger

Austin, Texas

Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden is Austin’s premiere spot for in-house, handmade artisan bread. Easy Tiger’s in-house bakery offers a selection of Old World hearth breads, European-style pastries, and signature soft pretzels— all baked fresh daily. Easy Tiger is your one-stop shop for all your bread kneads.

Viva Farms

Burlington, Washington

Viva Farms is a non-profit Farm Business Incubator established in 2009 that empowers limited-resource farmers. They offer bilingual training in holistic and organic farming. And more than that, they help secure access to land, equipment, and capital for the people who need it! Every farmer working under Viva’s program is free to grow what they want. The produce selection from Viva Farms represents the seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs of Skagit Valley, Washington.

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Alvarez Organic Farms

Mabton, Washington

The Alvarez family has been farming since 1981, and have prioritized continued growth into ever more sustainable, equitable, and healthful farming; truly excelling in their field in many ways. Alvarez farmer's grow a particularly wide variety of market vegetables, most notably varieties of peppers so outstanding that they've received national attention, clocking in at over 100 varieties!

Texas Coffee Traders

Austin, Texas

In 1990, co-founder RC Beall traveled to the Monteverde region of Costa Rica and met Carlos Vargas, the manager of a coffee-producing co-op called Santa Elena. RC learned all he could during the visit, and even roasted some of the co-op’s green beans for the farmers, many of whom had never tried their coffee. This established one of the first fair-trade relationships in the United States, and began a lifelong friendship between RC and Carlos. Texas Coffee Traders opened in East Austin in 1994 and the company has been slinging lattes and roasting beans from all over the world ever since.

Siri & Son Farms

Portland, Oregon

Siri & Son Farms is a fourth-generation, USDA Certified-Organic grower with two locations located within a 30-mile radius of Portland, Oregon. Their produce is always exquisite and delicious, a testament to their long-held beliefs in organic farming and sustainability.

Yamhill County Mushrooms

Yamhill County, Oregon

Bob, his partner Leo Perez, and Bob’s two sons all farm and harvest Button, Crimini, Portobellos, Shiitake, Oyster, and Chanterelle mushrooms along with Bob’s father Bill (that’s three generations of mushroom farmers if you’re keeping count.) Yamhill County Mushrooms’ stellar crew and their amazing stewardship of the land have set a shining example for Oregon farmers.

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Armagh Creamery

Dublin, Texas

Of course this Irish family-run creamery is located in Dublin. Armagh Creamery’s dairy heritage is over 100 years strong and originates in Armagh County, Ireland, inspiring its namesake. Their dairy farming traditions have passed down through five generations of McDowells, with three generations currently carrying on the legacy.

Chehalis Valley Farm

Elma, Washington

John Hagara founded his farm in 2012 in the heart of the Chehalis River Valley. From day one, his vision was to create a farm full of healthy poultry using ethical and sustainable farming practices. Chehalis Valley’s Cornish-cross birds are well cared for from the moment they hatch, here are never any added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics, and their food supply is supplemented with non-GMO, corn-free, and soy-free grains straight from Washington farms.

Cascadia Mushrooms

Bellingham, Washington

Alex Winstead is a true child of the Pacific Northwest. This region’s lush landscape would be considered a natural playground for any young explorer, but for Alex, his encounters with wild mushrooms at an early age ignited a unique journey. He established his business on 2.5 acres of North Bellingham property, complete with grow houses and incubation rooms, all in a climate-controlled environment.

Ralph's Greenhouse

Mt. Vernon, Washington

A family-run farm started by Ralph de Vries in 1980 as a garden project after he retired from dairy farming. Today, the certified-organic operation is run by Ray's son, Ray de Vries (a.k.a, the Leek King) and his wife Becky.