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Rambler Hero Sketch

Rambler Hero Sketch

Ramblers Do It Better!

Rambler Hero Sketch

Ramblers Do It Better!

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Found in Article from TheBubbleverse.com https://www.thebubbleverse.com/review/brands/rambler/sparkling-water-2

Deep in the heart of Texas, a labyrinthine subterranean limestone honeycomb twists and snarls for hundreds of miles, carving bizarre and psychedelic underground caverns and waterways from the fossilized skeletons of billions of tiny, prehistoric organisms.

On Memorial Day in 1981, Austin’s limestone aquifer was deluged with 11 inches of rain, resulting in a massive flood which swept cars into creeks, destroyed houses, and left 13 people dead.

Also in 1981, a french philosopher by the name of Jean Baudrillard published his opus Simulacra and Simulation, unleashing a torrential downpour of postmodern sociology that left us with The Matrix trilogy.

Coincidence? We think not.

Because 36 years later, in 2015, Rambler Sparkling Water bubbled forth into the world, a perfect simulacra of Texan limestone minerality.

You see, Rambler is mineral water, but not in the same way that, say, Topo Chico is mineral water.

Whereas Topo Chico is milked straight from the teat of the Sierra Madres, with its crystalline solids already present from long geological steeping, Rambler creates their lithic nectar through a process of “Texas Limestone Filtration.”

Presumably because Texas’ aquifers are under intense strain from overdevelopment and drought, Rambler alludes to being a “sustainable” source of mineral water. Their process involves filtering reverse-osmosis water through limestone, resulting in a carefully-calibrated minerality that, in their words, “you can’t put your finger on but keep coming back to.”

Well, here in the Bubbleverse we love nothing more than attempting to put our Finger on It, so let’s saddle up and ramble into this can.

Rambler Sparkling Water 12-Pack

Rambler Sparkling Water 12-Pack

12 Pack


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