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The Tiny Fish Co.

Tinned Seafood Sampler

The Tiny Fish Co.

Tinned Seafood Sampler

Enjoy Chef Sara Hauman’s unique tinned sea treat recipes made with exclusive and unexpected varieties of seafood, sustainably sourced from the cool waters of the Pacific Northwest!


Smoked Mussels en Escabeche - Spanish-style smoked mussels from The Pacific Northwest marinated in a savory sauce.

Rockfish in Sweet Soy Sauce - Pacific Rockfish is harvested off of Coos Bay, Oregon. It is prepared in a sweet and salty mix of gluten-free soy sauce, mirin, organic cane sugar with a kick of wasabi powder and citric acid

Octopus with Lemon and Dill - Wild bycatch out of Alaskan waters packed with sunflower oil, clarified butter, dill weed, and lemon.

4.75 oz each

About the Producer
Chef Sara Hauman uses Pacific Northwest harvested seafood and some truly unique recipes to create a tinned seafood experience unlike what most of us are used to eating. Her creative combinations are great as a stand alone snack component or in a composed dish.
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