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Talisman Coffee Co.

Central Texas Roaster Bundle

Talisman Coffee Co.

Central Texas Roaster Bundle

From seed to cup, Talisman Coffee upholds a five-generation legacy of coffee farming in the lush mountains of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. While parents Sandro and Johanna manage the farm back home, brother-sister duo Fernando and Jo have carried the family tradition to Austin, TX, roasting the El Talisman Farm coffee weekly in small batches. 


Dark Roast notes of dark chocolate and prunes, with a milk chocolate finish

Medium Roast notes of strawberry, honey, and lime zest

Light Roast provides a nuanced and subtle tasting experience 

12 oz, whole bean
    About the Producer
    Talisman Coffee Co. is an Austin-based operation that roasts fresh beans, weekly, in small batches from the family-owned 35-acre farm in Nicaragua. The land is situated high in the mountains under fruit trees, creating beans with unforgettable flavor. The Alvarado family uses sustainable farm practices to preserve the lush greenery of the land and even reserves 11 acres for wildlife conservation.
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