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Shirttail Creek Farm

Surf & Turf For Two

Shirttail Creek Farm

Surf & Turf For Two


  • 2ea x 1lbs New York Strip Steaks

  • 1 lbs Texas Brown Gulf Shrimp


This classic pairing becomes a match made in heaven with the combination of grass-fed New York strip steaks from Shirttail Creek and Gulf shrimp from Quality Seafood. We hope you can feel the love when you sit down to enjoy this selection with your own special someone. 

The Surf: Quality Seafood is an Austin institution, serving this community since 1938.  Their Airport Blvd. location, where they've been since 1970, is a landmark restaurant, retail and wholesale market, bringing in the best of the Gulf and beyond.

The Turf: Shirttail Creek Farm took the ranching world by storm in 2017 and just keeps bringing the best grass-fed beef, pastured poultry and eggs this town's ever seen. Located in Brenham, with young kiddos and a restored 140-year-old on the property, this family farm is the best blend of old-world technique and new hope. 

    About the Producer
    Carolynn and Sam Moffett continue that tradition with the goal of bringing local and wholesome beef, chicken, and eggs to people in South Central Texas (and beyond!), while raising their own family in the very same house built by the Kramers so long ago.
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