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Mother Culture

Smoothie Kit

Mother Culture

Smoothie Kit

Current Smoothie: "The Greenbelt"

  • 2 ea Oranges

  • 1 bu Carrots

  • 2 ea Honeycrisp Apples

  • 1 bu Greens

  • 8 oz "Luscious Lemon" yogurt

  • 1 bu Cilantro


With the help of some truly life-changing yogurt from our friends at Mother Culture, we bring you the newest way to drink your fruits and veggies with Austin's own rotating smoothie kit. Featuring the best seasonal produce from local farmers, our team of former chefs, farmers and foodies will give you everything you need to blend up something special, including the recipe. 

    About the Producer
    Texas-based Mother Culture makes premium cultured dairy products from locally-sourced, grass-fed cream-top milk and local honey. Each yogurt is rich in enzymes and nutrient-rich healthy fats, creating an incredible, creamy texture. The Allen family uses an ancient slow, low-heat pasteurization technique, allowing the milk to maintain its molecular structure and thriving probiotics.
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