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The Salumeria

Southern Italy Charcuterie Bundle

The Salumeria

Southern Italy Charcuterie Bundle

Travel to southern Italy with a taste of three hand crafted salami using old world heritage techniques and pork raised with care at the Salumeria Farm.


Calabrese - White Wine, Calabrian Peppers and Anise

Pistacchio - Pistachios, Peppers, and Anise

Bomba - Coarse Chopped Pork with Calabrian Chilis

    About the Producer
    The Salumeria is a Texas butcher and 200-acre farm that offers hand-crafted salami and cured meats. The heritage pigs roam free on lush land and enjoy hormone and antibiotic-free feed in addition to their natural foraging diets. Butchering practices follow the nose to tail tradition, ensuring no part of the animals goes to waste.
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