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KTonic Kombucha

Kombucha Sampler

KTonic Kombucha

Kombucha Sampler

3ea x 16oz


K-Tonic is high-quality tea... turned into kombucha. A single fermentation process means what they brew is what you get: no added juices or sugars, and flavor that comes from the tea itself. Made with 100% raw, pure organic ingredients, you'll experience flavor profiles from earthy and herbaceous to tangy and floral. Try our rotating selection to add a little mystery to your weekly kombucha subscription.

About the Producer
Ktonic Kombucha started as an idea centered around the premise of making tea and crafting that into a fermented beverage. Greg Goodman worked to develop kombucha that achieved a perfect balance of fermentation, sweetness and flavor. Together with brother-in-law Bryan Schmitz, KTonic Kombucha was created, based on the premise of providing the best craft kombucha possible.
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