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Smallhold Mushrooms

Multiple Locations

Smallhold Mushrooms

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Smallhold Lion's Mane Mushrooms

Smallhold Lion's Mane Mushrooms



Pungent nuttiness, sweet and savory.

Soft and stringy.

Cooking Applications:
Can be shredded, sliced, or torn apart, like mozzarella cheese, and cooked with butter or oil. Lion’s Mane is a great substitute for any recipe that calls for crab meat.

8 oz

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Meet Smallhold Mushrooms!

The Makers: Andrew Carter and Adam DeMartino.

Year Founded: 2017.

Location: Started in Brooklyn, NY with farms now networked across the United States.

What they Make: Mushrooms grown locally and organically inside your grocery store, favorite restaurant, or just around the block. You can’t get fresher than this.

Practices: We started growing mushrooms because we were intrigued by their mysterious nature and thought they might be the key to feeding the world. Since then, we've invented proprietary technologies and a robust supply chain to build small, high-output local farms across the country.


"Mushrooms and mushroom farming have a way of bringing all the weirdos in a city together..."

For some reason, we (everyone, collectively) shifted our definition of "local" over the years to include places further and further away from us. In NYC, for example, most people still consider a place that's 500 miles away local... This means Detroit beans and Nova Scotian corn! We aim to shift this definition back to our communities, so we always know where our food is coming from and we can always go look and see it growing if we want to.

We grow mushrooms everywhere—literally. By using a combination of technologies and logistical innovations, we have networked our farms across the USA. You can find them in warehouses, basements… even inside of restaurants and grocery stores, nestled above the bar or in the produce aisle. And wherever we grow mushrooms, we grow community. Mushrooms and mushroom farming have a way of bringing all the weirdos in a city together, and we intend to keep it that way as we install each new farm around the country.


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