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K&C Cattle Austin Texas Grassfed Beef Delivery Farmstand

Austin, TX

K&C Cattle Co

Pasture raised, high quality, non-GMO Pork and Angus Beef.

Austin, TX

K&C Cattle Co

Pasture raised, high quality, non-GMO Pork and Angus Beef.

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K&C Cattle Premium Black Angus Steak Collection

K&C Cattle Premium Black Angus Steak Collection



2 Bone-In Ribeye - 16 oz

Rib-eye steaks, one of the most common and best types of steak, come from the beef rib primal cut.  Rib-eye steaks, sometimes called beauty steaks, are tender, juicy and very flavorful, with just the right amount of fat. Best cooked on a hot grill.

2 Bone-In NY Strip - 14 oz

Bone-in Strip steak is always a good steak choice, prized for its rich, hearty flavor. The best way to cook bone-in strip steak is on the grill. But pan-seared bone-in strip steak is also superb, and you can broil bone-in strip steak in the oven as well.

2 Tenderloin Filet - 8 oz

Filet mignon (or tenderloin) are, by far, the tenderest piece of meat on the steer, with an almost buttery texture. Its tenderness, coupled with the scarcity of the amount of meat on the animal, makes it the most expensive cut at the butcher. Best served with a decadent sauce or wrapped in bacon.

4 Denver Steaks - 8 oz

Cut from the center of the Under Blade, these steaks are extremely tender with a good amount of marbling and beef flavor. Best when cooked over high heat on the grill.

K&C Cattle Austin TX

Serving Central Texas for 3 generations


K&C Cattle Co. is dedicated to raising high-quality beef & pork. We take pride in the quality of the meat we produce, and our animals are free of antibiotics and hormones. They are raised on pastures, even while we supplement them with locally raised Non-GMO grains for the last 90 days before slaughter to enhance marbling, efficiency, and consistency. Our beef is guaranteed to grade Choice or Prime.

Hi, we’re Cole & Kelsey Bolton.

We take pride in our slogan “Austin Bred and Fed” in that we are one of the few ranches that can truly say we raise cattle in the Capitol City. I’m a 3rd generation cattle rancher, having grown up on a cattle feed yard in East Texas, and Kelsey is a 2nd generation rancher, born and raised in the Austin area.

Our ranch consists of Black Angus and Red Angus bloodlines. We focus heavily on the best genetics, because the pedigree controls 45% of the marbling in the animal. Our beef is pasture raised, with no antibiotics and no growth hormones. Studies have shown that the natural environment that cattle are born in positively impacts the meat quality. We do grain finish our cattle at the ranch the last 90 days before slaughter for several purposes: marbling, efficiency, and consistency. Our ration is a culmination of grains grown locally and non-GMO. We guarantee our beef to grade Choice or Prime. Our pigs are pasture raised and live in a natural environment where they can lay in the mud, play in the sun, or relax in the shade. Being good stewards of the land is important and we hope to be able to spread our vision and continue to grow within the industry.

Thank you for supporting us, we look forward to serving you.

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